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First, let me explain that I actually consider myself straight. I've never had a gay inclination. Heck, I was always the first to lose at gay chicken. But I discovered through AOL and MSN chatrooms that sharing and discovering porn with other guys heightened the jerking off experience. Being able to talk about how hard you were and how sexy and hot the girls were in the porn with a fellow admirer took jerking off to a whole other level.
For me, the phone sex and the IMs were more about sharing the porn experience rather than getting off with another guy necessarily. I never wanted to see the other guys – just wanted to know what kind of porn they were into and if they liked talking dirty. Occasionally I would be open to seeing their cocks because seeing a cock all nice and hard because of porn that I was also into was kinda hot.
But would I ever jerk with another guy? I never thought I would until I did just that. It was right after college so I was 23, 24, still living in my college apartment. My roommate gone and I had been chatting with a fellow JO fan that I met on Craiglist. When I mentioned my roommate was gone, he suggested that he come over and we stroke in person. We had been swapping porn and fantasies for weeks and probably have shared dozens and dozens of orgasms over the phone and online. This was the first time he offered or suggested we do something in person. Initially I was opposed to the idea. Jerking off with a guy online and over the phone was one thing but in person – that was totally gay, right? I replied that I wasn't really interested and expressed the reasons for my hesitations but he insisted that it wasn't gay and we were just doing the same thing we had been doing for weeks. After thinking about it for a bit, I said, "fuck it, why not?" I was young and single and jerking off with a guy wasn''t really change who I was sexually, right? And if I didn't like it, I would never do it again.
He said he's be over in an hour. I was nervous and a bit excited. Any hesitation was suppressed by the fact that I was hard. Then suddenly I heard a knock on the door.
I answered the door and there he was. Slightly older than me, maybe late 20s, early 30s. A bit stockier than me but more or less what I expected. I was shy and nervous so I'm glad he just came right on in and started talking to me. I think he sensed my nervousness. He told me how he had the perfect porn for us and knew I was going to love it.
We had a shared kink for teen porn. And no, this wasn't some illegal stuff. We just loved hot busty legal teens. You know, normal perv shit. I showed him how to connect his laptop to my tv. He connected, started the porn video and plopped on the couch. I, nervous, about coming off as "gay" elected to sit in the recliner. The porn starts and it's two busty 18 year olds – big tits, asses – all stuff that both get us off. I sure wasn't go to be the first. He gets the hint and starts talking about how hot the porn stars and how he would just love to suck on those tits. Just hearing that familiar masculine voice say words like "tits," "pussy," "cock" broke me of my shyness and I began my own dirty talk. He starts rubbing his cock through his jeans, thrusting his hips a little. I can't help but do the same. I can feel my cock throbbing under my jeans.
Then I look over and see him unzip his jeans and pull his pants around his knees. He was wearing blue cotton Haines briefs.I could clearly see his hard cock through his underwear. His shaft pointing up with this thick mushroom head stopping just above his waist. Then with one swoop, he pull his boxers down and revealed his cock. It was exotically arousing. Part wanting to join and part feeling obligated I started unzipping my jeans, though not as smoothly as he. I fumbled with my zipper and unbuttoning my jeans. I actually couldn't get my jeans to slide down so I stood up, and let me jeans fall to my knees, sitting back down on the recliner with my black boxer shorts (are those just the best? I mean, talk about the best of both worlds) still around my waist.
I turn back to the porn and the blonde is now going down on the busty redhead with her panties just pulled to the side. "Isn't that just fucking hot, man," he says. I look over and he has a firm grip around his cock, slowing pumping his shaft to the porn. "Fuck, I love when they leave the panties on," I say. I have a bit of a panty fetish but we'll save that for later.
I start rubbing my cock through my boxers. I can feel my balls tensing up. I look down and already see a slight streak of precum – a tell-tell sign that I'm extremely turned on. I already feel bad that I haven't pulled out my cock but maybe he won't mind, right? I mean, he did come over to jerk off to porn and not watch me stroke, right? But then: "Hey, man, pull out that cock and join me." He slides over a bit as to offer me a seat next to him.
I gulp and say to myself: Just chalk this up to an experience right? It would be never jumping out of the plane to skydive.
So I stand up, sit down next to him and pull out my cock. While he was noticeably thicker than I was, I was longer so there was a bit of pride when comparing our two cocks. My cock was standing straight up (ok, slightly to the left) and throbbing. He got back to stroking to the porn. I obliged and started stroking mine. I should make the point to say I'm uncut while he was circumcised so there was quite a bit of contrast between our two cocks. His being about 5 inches but thicker with a fat bulging purple head at the top. Mine was about 7 1/2 uncut, with about an average amount of foreskin, no more or no less than what you'd expect. Though I wasn't as thick as him, my shaft was definitely veiny. Guess that's a good thing, right?
We are both pumping away at the porn. We're close on the couch but not touching – exactly the way two guys would sit on the couch watching a football game except we have our pants around our knees and are stroking to these two hot busty teens (remember – 18+ only).
When it comes to stroking for me, I can stroke for hours. I pride myself on the fact that I can really pace myself. I've edged for hours. But that means I really have to control my stroke. I have to keep it a steady slow stroke. Just like long-distance runners – to run the 20K they have to keep a constant pace.
While I'm keeping my nice long slow strokes (with precum building up on my head and dribbling down my shaft) I look over and notice he is building up his pace. My attention slowly drifts from watching the porn to watching him stroke and before I know it, he has my undivided attention. In case you have any kind of inquiries with regards to wherever along with the best way to work with videos of amateurs having sex, you'll be able to e mail us from our own web-page. I watch him stroke his thick cock just inches away from me. I look up and notice he's watching me exclusively.
I can tell he's starting to build up – reach that point of no return. He starts jacking wildly, his hand all over his cock squeezing and pumping. In the midst of it, his stance widens and his right knee rubs against my left knee. The first physical contact between us. Surprisingly, I don't freak out. In fact, it kinda sends pov xxx a shock of excitement through my entire body, ending at the tip of my cock. I know he's going to blow soon. Being a JO expect, I can see the signs of an pending orgasm. I start thrusting harder, speeding up my orgasm ETA.
He's getting closer. As am I. "Yeah, stroke that cock for me," he said. "Fuck, yeah, I'm stroking this hard cock for you," I reply. Our talks get dirtier and more intimate. We are edging on fucking each other with our words. Talking about how hard each other's cock make us and how we'd love to feel that cock in our hands (but he knows my strict no touching rule I made beforehand). I follow his lead about how we'd love to stroke each other off. "God, I'd love to feel that thick cock in my hand," I say. "You got me dripping precum."
And then it happens. He bucks his hips up and explodes. I watch ropes of cum ejaculate out of his cock, landing on his thighs, chest and on the couch (guess that has to be cleaned up before the roommate comes home). As he squirts out the final bead of cum out of his cock, it's my turn. I grunt and thrust my hips up as I cum. I don't shoot as far as he did but my cum gushes out like a volcano, white creamy lava dripping down my shaft, onto my waist. It's a release I've never had jacking off before. It felt great.
Without saying anything, he packs up and gets ready to leave. I zip up and walk him out. No words exchanged. I come back and flop down on the couch. Exhausted but in a good way. My heart still racing. My phone buzzes. I look down. A text from him.
"That was hot. Wanna do it again sometime?"