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I remember scrolling through pictures of girls on OKC late one night, half falling asleep, when I saw them…..Two of the biggest beautiful round tits I have ever seen, smooshed together and pushed up in a Halloween corset. In her profile image, her eyes said "I know you want these, but you’ll never get ‘em." In my sleepy daze, I sprung up and figured I’d give it a shot. Her profile name was JanetHollywood. I sent her a long message, always a risk, but talked about some of her interests (mainly music and movies) and gave her my e-mail.
A day went by and every time I checked the site, I’d check out her pics and those tits. Almost a week later I got an e-mail in the middle of the night "hey…" I couldn’t believe it. We exchanged a few e-mails talking about music and shows we’ve been to, etc. I friended her on facebook and got some confirmation on her body. Picture after picture of cute face, tiny little waist, and huge natural soft tits propped up in various outfits. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t blow several loads over the next few nights just oogling those pics.
After about 4 e-mails , I asked her out. She was a bartender in a nearby city so I had to settle for a midweek hang. When she arrived, she came up with a smile and gave me a quick hug. I felt those boobs push against me, the elephants in the room. She wore a black tight polo shirt and tight jeans. The buttons came down just far enough to reveal the tiny ‘v’ at the top of that cleavage. We were at a relaxed but noisy lounge and had a really long and fun date. We talked music, she had been on tour with a few jam bands, and we had several rounds of drinks. The entire time we talked I made damned sure not to ever look down at her chest, but as I got drunker my eyes started drifting. She was getting buzzed too and twirled her long dark hair, looking at me sideways.
I moved over to her side of the table and put my hand on her leg and went in for a kiss. We had a small PG-rated makeout session in the lounge before the lights went up and our waiter gave last call. In our shuffle out to the street, Janet seemed to come to her senses and was getting ready to drive home (about 40 mins). I said, "I live 5 blocks away, just come over and rest off the booze." She was worried about parking, but I told her that cops didn’t enforce the rules that late midweek. She said "alright get in." We sat in her car for a second letting it warm up. I leaned over and kissed her again. She touched my face, and I put my hand on her gigantic left boob. If you liked this short article and you would like to receive more info concerning free Hd pov porn kindly stop by our own site. She let out a soft moan, like she had been wanting me to squeeze that breast the whole night. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of when a new girl lets you cop a feel.
With the car warmed up, we drove around the block. We stumbled into my apartment, a studio, and she plopped down on the bed. I cracked open amateur allure heather a few beers for us and sat down in my desk chair. We chatted some more and I rolled my chair over to her and kissed her while holding her face. She said "Oh the things I would do to you, if this wasn’t our first date." I said something dumb about it being our second date, since our first date was at the lounge. I pushed her back on the bed and made out with her some more, rubbing her crotch over her jeans. She rolled over on top of me and pulled off her shirt.
Her gigantic melons jiggled in her bra, which was holding them up like a shelf. She smushed them in my face and said "I know you like these." These boobs were the size of my head. It was an absolute wonder to see. I grabbed them and pushed them up a bit, letting them jiggle inside of the bra. I was just in awe. She made her way down to my pants and undid them. I slid off her jeans so she was just in a bra and panties. She climbed back on top of me. I said, "show me those boobs." She teased that it was just our first date. I reached up and grabbed the clasp behind her bra. She said "good luck." I felt a 4 clasp high-tension situation back there. It took a nation of millions to hold back those tits. She reached back and undid the clasps. Her breasts dropped a half an inch and shook down inside her bra. She was 25. Natural breasts this big would not defy gravity like this much longer. I knew I was witnessing a fleeting miracle. I brought my hands up from underneath her bra, rubbing over her erect nipples as I slid the bra amateur allure riley over her head. There they were. I was holding these massive creamy tits with big areolas and perfectly erect nipples. Just in awe. I sucked on her nipples while she moaned "mmm you’re good at that". Then she shoved her tits in my face for me to motor boat them. "Everyone wants my big tits, and you get to have them. So you might as well enjoy." I sucked and kissed and bit and squeezed those tits for probably 15 minutes. She was enthusiastically sharing them with me, enjoying my pleasure in them.
I kept rubbing her stomach and waist while I sucked her tits and she grinded her ass (still in a thong) into me. It was amazing how small her waist was with that much boob up top. She said "I feel your big dick, baby" and rubbed her boobs down my face and chest, licking my nipple as she made her way toward my crotch. She let her tits surround my dick as she rubbed them past it, looking up at me mischievously. Then she licked my rock hard dick all the way from ball to tip. "Look what you’ve got me doin’ already" she said "you’re really lucking out on this date." She took my dick in her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down on getting it covered in spit, taking breaks to lick on the tip and shaft, and then going back to shoving it in her mouth. She moved her tongue around as my dick slid down her throat. So much spit amateur allure tabetha was accumulating around my dick that my balls were getting soaked. I told her she was going to make me cum. "No way." She said with drool hanging from her lips. "I’m just getting you ready."
She then popped down on her knees, and I sat up on the edge of the bed. "You know you’ve been wanting do this. You’re going to fuck these tits." She wrapped her boobs around my dick, making it disappear in that soft white cleavage. It was already lubed up with spit, but pov porn pictures she drooled onto it from her mouth, making it more slippery. Pushing her tits together with her open hands, she worked them up and down my dick. I had never experienced anything like it. She pushed them together so tight and drove them down my shaft hard. They were so soft and jiggly. I shoved her across the room so her back was arched over my couch. I grabbed those balloon tits and shoved my dick back in between them. Thrusting so hard my tip was poking her neck. She put her hands around my legs and ass and said "I never thought you’d be slamming my tits on this date, but now I want them covered in cum." That was all I could take. I grabbed her hair and she kept her tits pushed together. I blasted my load all over them, and hit her neck and chin. She looked up at me and said "you’re pretty smooth, buddy." We had another beer or two, and repeated this process another time before falling asleep. We sort of lost touch after the date, but I ran into her a year later in a bar…. We’ll see how this story does and I’ll let you know how it went. sourcesoysauce