Lettre type pour demande d'autorisation de reproduction

De Wiki livre Netizenship

Dear [Mr Ms et/ou Prénom et/ou Nom - en fonction du profil]

We are volunteers working on a book for social change, to be distributed in schools.

We wish to insert one of your creation to illustrate an article. It is here : http://www.turing.org.uk/publications/wicked.html

We wish to release this book under the same licence as the one used on Wikipedia (CC-BY-SA), mentioning you as the author of thework , and without commercial benefit in our case.

Would you allow us ? It would be really helpful? See draft here in English. We are a team of volunteers at Ynternet.org foundation, a non-profit NGO promoting citizen behaviours on the Internet in Africa, Europe and South America since 1998.

With kind regards

For the netizen book team of Ynternet.org :

Théo Bondolfi and Mohammed Ait Lachen www.netizen3.org - Tel +41763769776 - theo.bondolfi@zen3.org