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Nom du Plugin Description Status URL Commentaire
Plugins payants (35 US$ par mois pour un abonnement d'un an
Default-theme Choix du thème par défaut. (SuperAdmin>Option) MU-plugin installed and activated Internalization not needed TO REMOVE
Rebranding-wordpress-mu remove-browse-happy site-wide-text-change Personnalisation de l’interface de WP (Remove Dashboard Widgets for new blog, Remove Permalinks Menu Item, notre logo, Admin Help Content, Admin Footer Text). (SuperAdmin>Option) 4 MU-plugin installed and activated

A voire quels contenus dans les deux langues...; Internalization not needed
Automatic-follow-up-emails-for-new-users This plugin allows to send out 'messages' i.e. emails at predetermined times based on when the user signed up. (superAdmin>messages) DELETED A voire quels contenus dans les deux langues...; Internalization not needed
Dashboard-feeds dashboard-widget-order Personnaliser l’interface d'édition et les widgets. (edit mu-plugin/dashboard-widget-order.php voire: MU-plugin installed and activated

A voire quels contenus dans les deux langues...; Internalization not needed
Logout-redirect Redirection après logout. (editer mu-plugin/logout-redirect) MU-plugin installed and activated Internalization not needed
Invite Inviter un amis. MU-plugin installed and activated Internalized and Tested (corriger Fr et DE?

User Activity

Statistiques et administration. (superadmin >user activity et superadmin >Blog activity) MU-plugin installed and activated

Internalization not needed
A tester
Autoblog Créer un blog avec un flux RSS. (SiteAdmin>AutoBlog) MU-plugin installed and activated Internalization not needed
AntiSpam Anti-Splog, the ultimate plugin and service to stop and kill splogs in WordPress Multisite. (Super Admin> Anti Splog) MU-plugin installed and activated DISCUTER Dependace WPMU a discuter: not internationalized
Rebranded-meta-widget Modification des liens vers wordpress dans tous les nouveau blogs. MU-plugin installed and activated A configurer contenus, Internalization not needed
Google-analytics-for-wordpress-mu-sitewide-and-single-blog-solution Google Analytics pour WordPress. Activated but not the Tracking Code (a discuter pour inscription) DISCUTER A configurer pour chaque utilisateur?, Internalization not needed
Custom-content-dashboard-widget Ajouter des widget dans l’interface d’admin. Active but not configurated (a discuter pb. traduction) Internalized: Contenus a voir avec groupe contenus
Piwik Open Source WEB Analytics
Plugins BuddyPress gratuits
BP Groupblog Automates and links WPMU blogs groups controlled by the group creator. (Buddypress> GroupBlog ) Not active (network install) Bp with studio theme Voire Pb with studio theme & site themplates Internazionalized FR et DE (a revoir: waiting answer on forum)
BP Group Documents This BuddyPress component creates a document storage area within each group. (Groupes> Documents) Active (network install) Internationalized
BP Group Email Adds email sending functionality to Buddypress Groups. Must be activated site-wide. (Groupes> Email) Active (network install) Internationalized
BP Group Management Allows site administrators to manage BuddyPress group membership. Active (network install) Internalization not needed
BuddyPress Album+ or WP Photo Album Plus Photo Albums for BuddyPress. Includes Posts to Wire, Member Comments, and Photo Privacy Controls. Works with current BuddyPress theme and includes Easy To Skin Templates. DESACTIVATE (WP Photo Album Plus) WP Photo Album Plus installed, useful? BuddyPress Album+ Internationalizen FR & DE
BuddyPress Auto Group Join This BuddyPress component allows admin's to join members to selected groups. It will also auto join new members to the same selected groups. (superAdmin> auto join group) Active (network install) Internalization not needed, Useful?
BuddyPress Multilingual

WPML Multilingual CMS

BuddyPress Multilingual. Ne fonctionne avec WP3 mais pas avec Bp 1.2.5 ... le menu des langues ne permet pas de sélectionner le français.

WPML Multilingual CMS.

Not Active A revoir
Custom Login Page Custom Login Page Attention déjà disponible avec un autre plug-in. Active (network install) Internalization not needed, Options dans les réglages disponible pour tous les utilisateurs?
Pack de Bienvenue When a user registers on your site, Welcome Pack lets you automatically send them a friend or group invitation, a Welcome Message and can redirect them to a Start Page. You can also customise the default emails sent by BuddyPress to ensure that they match the brand and tone of your site. Active même que Automatic-follow-up-emails-for-new-users
WordPress MU Domain Mapping or Multi-Domains Map any blog on a WordPress website to another domain. DELETED not working
Mini Mail Dashboard Widget Send and receive e-mail messages on the administration panel and optionally receive SMS messages containing the sender, subject and (part of) the text when new messages arrive. not Active Needed?
Terms of Use Require users to agree to terms and conditions on first login, registration, comment form, or first access to specified page. Active INTERNATIONALISATION??? A configurer en Français
Invisible Defender This plugin protects registration, login and comment forms from spambots by adding two extra fields hidden by CSS. This approach gave me 100% anti-spam protection on one of my sites. Active
Wordpress-custom-widgets-plugin assign different widgets to different posts, pages, categories, or tags. You can create different widget sets using the standard WordPress widget interface, and then assign these widget sets from a drop-down menu in your edit post, page, category or tag screens. Not installed Useful but not internationalized for advanced users...
Google Analytics Dashboard Traffic monitoring. Not installed
Limit Blogs Per User This is a plugin for wpmu/wpmu+byddypress powered websites,where site administrators can limit the number of blogs a user can signup. Not installed Internalization not needed
Limit Groups Per User Limit Groups Per user plugin allows site admins to restrict the number of groups a user can create on a buddypress based Social network. desactive But not useful yet
DBC Backup (Database Cron Backup) Backup Database active Active ? Internalization not needed
User Name Availability Checker for wordpress/buddypress ajaxified username availability checker Active TO TEST with SING-UP Internationalized?
WP Maintenance Mode Adds a splash page to your blog that lets visitors know your blog is down for maintenance. Logged in administrators get full access to the blog including the front-end. Active (network install)
Plugins a discuter ...
bpdev-select-blog-theme-at-blog-signup Allow Users to select a blog theme while signing up/creating a blog on your buddypress powered social network TO pay ...
Post Indexer Creating your own custom queries, based on the unique tags you're using on your site. This is a must-have plugin if you intend to create dynamically updating portal pages for the core topics on your site. It provides a framework for powerful, fine-tuned organization of your dynamic content.
WordPress Chat Plugin it and you can easily run as many live chats as you want, on any page or post on your WordPress, Multisite or BuddyPress site.(plugin description) Not Active
Classifieds Classifieds plugin makes it very easy to add Classifieds to your blog, multisite network or BuddyPress site. You can create your entire site around the classifieds functionality or simply add it to its own page.

Users can create and manage their own ads, upload images, receive emails about their classified postings, purchase credits and much more!
YD Network-wide options Makes selected plugin settings network-wide. Change to a setting of your main blog can now be automatically replicated to all multisite blogs. Centralized management of your plugin options. DESACTIVE
New Blog Defaults Allows site administrator to set the defaults for all new blogs created on server.

Users can create and manage their own ads, upload images, receive emails about their classified postings, purchase credits and much more!

MU-plugin installed and activated
Default Blog If you use Wordpress Blog network, the plugin gives you the possibility to create a default blog as a template for all new blogs. This plugin is for site admins of Multiuser sites.

Just create a blog and select it as default blog.

Blog-in-Blog Blog-in-Blog allows you to use the Wordpress platform more as a CMS system, but still have a blog page on your site. Posts in a specific category can be used to feed the 'special' blog page, and can optionally be hidden from the home page DELETED Not useful
Site Template Site Template is a plugin that allows site administrators to set up "site templates" for their WPMU or wordpress 3 (with networking enabled) sites. When a user creates a new blog, he or she will be prompted with a list of site templates to select from. Each template specifies the theme, theme options, widgets, plugins, pages, posts, categories, links, tags, menus, and link cateogries for the new site. Active (network install) Internationalized
cets_blog_defaults WordPressMU plugin for site admin to set defaults for new blogs. (site Admin> New Blog Default) MU-plugin installed and activated Internationalization not needed
Toggle Meta Boxes Sitewide WP3 multisite mu-plugin. Go to Site Admin-->Options to "Enable Administration Meta Boxes". Meta boxes(post, page, link, and dashboard) are unchecked and disabled by default. Extra options to toggle the Quick Edit buttons, Media buttons, Screen Options and Help links. MU-plugin installed and activated Internationalization not needed
CodeStyling Localization Now you can freely manage, edit and modify your WordPress language translation files (*.po / *.mo) as usual. You won't need any additional editor have been installed. Also supports WPMU plugins, if WPMU versions has been detected. Active Internazionalized
Core Control Core Control is a set of plugin modules which can be used to control certain aspects of the WordPress control. Active Internationalization not needed